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To comply with the 4th EU Motor Directive you are required to provide the Motor Insurance Database (MID) with the registration numbers of all vehicles that you own that will be driven, used or parked on a road or public place which are covered by your Footman James Motor Trade policy

Vehicle Additions & Deletions
Motor Traders are not exempt from the requirements of Continuous Insurance Enforcement and the need to keep the Motor Insurance Database up to date.

This includes:

- All vehicles which you (or your spouse if named on your policy) permanently own.
- Stock vehicles taxed and in your possession for more than 14 days.
- Vehicles driven under Trade Plate regulations. All Trade Plate numbers must be disclosed.

To help you understand these rules better, we have included a link to a helpful document provided by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau called ‘Motor Trade and the MID’.

Notifying the MID with your current vehicles is a legal obligation and failure to supply the information and keep it up to date is a criminal offence. The maximum penalty is a fine of £5000.