20th March 2021

Raise money for the NHS with Classics for Carers

Date: 20th March 2021


Classics for Carers is back raising funds for the NHS Charities Together on the 20th March 2021 and this time, the target is to hit £13,000.

Classics for Carers is an award-winning stay at home motor event which gives you the chance to share your classic with the community and raise money that will make a difference during the pandemic and beyond. Following the success of two events in 2020, the team are back to focus on the well-being and mental health of NHS staff and the £13,000 will be put towards a well-being restorative space.

During a time where meetups in person are not possible, this event aims to not only raise money, but bring together like-minded enthusiasts to share their collective passion for motoring online or to give those on their permitted daily exercise, a different view for the day!

It will give classic motor enthusiasts the chance to roll out their restorations or park their pride and joy on the driveway. Owners can also support the event by buying event plates and stickers and displaying them on their classics and sharing across social media with the hashtag #classicsforcarers.

The events in 2020 collectively raised £17,500 for NHS carers across the UK. This in turn, earned Classics for Carers their win at the Royal Automobile Club Historic Awards in the category for Motoring Spectacle.


To find out more about how you can get involved on 20th March, see the Classics for Carers website: https://www.classicsforcarers.com/

Hi, thank you for showing your interest in the event; it is for a great cause. You can get involved by finding out more on the Classics for Carers website here: https://www.classicsforcarers.com/

Footman James, 22/02/2021

I have a classic car. How can I get involved?

Plum, 18/02/2021