At Coffee & Chrome, we bring together a range of eclectic classics, supercars and people over breakfast at our friendly meets. If you love it, we love it!

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About Coffee & Chrome

At Coffee & Chrome meets, you can expect a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Vehicles from all corners of the automotive universe are welcome - from classics and supercars to scooters. If you love it, we love it!

2024 Coffee & Chrome meets

2024 Coffee & Chrome Calendar

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Frequently asked questions

I haven't received a confirmation email, does this mean I don't have a space? +

Confirmation emails will be sent within the first 1-3 hours as soon as you have registered. If you successfully completed the form and have reached the thank you page, we have successfully received your reservation.

If 1-3 hours has passed, and you still haven’t received your confirmation email, please do get in touch with us and we will check we have your reservation. Please direct all enquiries to

How do I check in to Coffee & Chrome? +

When you successfully register for one of our meets, you will receive a check in email a day before the meet. When you arrive at Coffee & Chrome, you will need to open this email and click the ‘Check in’ button. You will be directed to a webpage and you will need to click the button ‘Check me in’. Then you will see a confirmation screen which you will need to show the marshals at the welcome point.

What do I do if I can’t get check in to work for me? +

If you are unable to load the page, you don’t have a mobile phone or other, you will need to show your check in email. Either by printing it off or via a screen, to the marshals at the welcome point.

Why do I need to check in? +

We need you to check in so that we can verify that you have signed up and secured a space for your classic during registration. If you are not able to and we are not able to verify that you secured a space during registration, you will unfortunately not be able to join the meet.

I don't have classic vehicle, can I attend? +

Coffee & Chrome at its heart is a classic vehicle meet and not a classic vehicle show.

As such, space has been allocated to allow for as many classic vehicles as possible which means there is currently no space for spectator parking unfortunately.

Can I bring my dog to Coffee & Chrome? +

Dogs are also more than welcome at our Coffee & Chrome meets – in fact, we encourage it, as we love meeting all of your furry friends! Please note your dogs will need to be kept on their lead to ensure their safety.

Can I choose where to park at Coffee & Chrome and can my friends park together? +

Unfortunately, we cannot reserve parking spaces at Coffee & Chrome, apart from those we have designated for disabled access. Even if your friends arrive in convoy, we may not be able to park the vehicles together. It's really important that we keep the flow of vehicles moving so that traffic does not back up onto the main road.

There will also be pedestrians moving around the entire area on the day, so we ask that you be mindful when driving and parking your vehicle.

Our marshalls are here to help you and to keep everyone safe. We thank you in advance for treating them with respect.

I was planning on coming in my classic but this isn't viable anymore, can I come to the meet in my modern vehicle? +

If you are unable to make it in your classic on the day due to problems outside of your control, or if the weather isn't on our side, please be aware we will be parking modern vehicles in a separate area. This ensures all classics for Coffee & Chrome are still parked together.

Can I speak to someone about insurance at the meet? +

Of course! All our marshalls are Footman James staff members. Simply speak to someone in a high-vis jacket and they'll be able to help you. If you need to make changes to your policy or would like a quotation, we'll take your details and contact you when the office is open.

What do I get at Coffee & Chrome? +

Each vehicle will receive 2 x breakfast bap tokens (V, VE and GF options available). You can purchase extra breakfast baps as you require. There will also be other vendors on site which you can purchase food and drink from. These will normally accept both cash and card payments.

I took some fantastic photos at Coffee & Chrome, how can I share them? +

We’d love to see any photos you take at Coffee & Chrome. You can email them to us at or share them to our Facebook Group.

Alternatively, you can tag us on all our social media channels:

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