Classic Car and Bike Clubs

During the last thirty years Footman James have forged strong relationships with many enthusiasts' clubs, associations and affinity groups. Members can enjoy discounted rates from Footman James on classic and modern car, classic and modern motorcycle and home & contents insurance. If you run a club and would like to work with Footman James or you would like to be added to our 'Clubs' area, or you are currently listed and you would like to amend your club details then please email us on

Does being a member of your club or association mean you'll get a discount on your insurance? 
Please enquire with your club secretary or give us a call on 0333 207 6120.


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Fairthorpe Sports Car Club 

The Fairthorpe Sports Car Club supports owners and enthusiasts all over the world for the following vehicles: Fairthorpe, Turner, Rochdale, Tornado, EB, Falcon, Ashley & Historic Specials.

Contact: Tony Hill
Tel: 01895 256 799

Fiat 500 Club 

Friendly Club with a bimonthly newsletter which reports on Club events, offers, technical tips and advice from members, lists garages, has a 'sales and wanted' section. For classic and modern 500s!

Contact: Carl Allan, Chairman
Tel: 07811 120 925

Ford Anglia 105E Club 

Est. 1982 with over 1000 members, the club caters for both standard and modified Anglia models: 105E, 106E, 123E, 124E, 307E, 309E and Prefect 107E (Standard/Basic model, Deluxe saloon, Super and estate/pick-up models).

Contact: Jason Barnes

FJ & FJR Owners Club 

The Yamaha FJ & FJR Owners club is the club for this world class sports tourer. Benefits include: Social events, Qtrly mag, Rallies, Insurance, advice and much more

Contact: Phil Hacker
Tel: 01454 299325
Fax: 01454 299326

Ford Consul MK1, Zephyr & Zodiac Club 

Club est. mid-1970s for standard or modified vehicles. Bi-monthly magazine. Technical helpline. Access to spare parts.

Contact: Andy Tutt
Tel: 01989 562 318

Ford Corsair Owners Club 

The Club exists to promote the preservation of Corsairs, to supply advice and to put Corsair owner enthusiasts in touch with one another. A newsletter is published bi-monthly with details of club activities, future events, spares and cars for sale.

Contact: Liz Checkley
Tel: 01323 840 655


Ford MKIII Zephyr & Zodiac Owners Club 

Club for all models of the Zephyr and Zodiac Mk 3, which were built between 1962 and 1966. Owners of customised or modified cars are also welcome.

Contact: Len Harris
Tel: 07904 925 071

Ford Sidevalve Owners Club 

Formed in 1969, now 1500 members benefit from the commitment of the FSOC.

Contact: Rod Pardy

Ford Y and C Model Register 

The FORD 'Y'&'C' Model Register was formed in 1979 to ensure the survival of the first small European Fords; the 8 HP Model 'Y' manufactured between August 1932 and August 1937, and the 10 HP Deluxe Models 'C' and 'CX' manufactured between September 1934 and March 1937.

Contact: Bob Wilkinson, Secretary
Tel: 01832 734 463

Ford Mk I Owners Club 

Contact: Linda Chambers
Tel: 0113 279 2973

Ford MkII Cortina Owners Cub Ltd 

Est 1988. Dedicated to the whole Ford Cortina MkII range. The Club caters for the base model, the Deluxe, the Super, the GT, the 1600E and the Lotus. Whilst not forgetting the special models such as the Crayford, the Savage, the Super speed

Contact: Eddie Newman
Tel: 07835 936073

Ford MKII Independent Owners Club 

Officially recognized by the Ford Motor Company

Contact: John Enticknap
Tel: 020 8384 3559
Fax: 020 8890 3741

Francis Barnett Owners Club 

Contact: Ted Lloyd
Tel: 01788 544 909

FS1-E Owners Club