Kit Car Insurance Specialists for 30 Years

At Footman James we specialise in Kit Car insurance, and we have arranged kit car owners cover for almost 30 years.

Footman James can now arrange kit car insurance cover for over 100 different kit cars; including Caterham, Westfield and Robin Hood, to name just a few. This kit car cover also includes the usual benefits that owners’ value including, amongst others, laid up and agreed value, which is available on all marques.

We  have links with many enthusiasts and their clubs, such as the Westfield Sports Car Club  and the Quantum Owners Club, and – as part of our commitment to them – we offer specialist rates for members. So whatever your pride and joy, you can be confident that with Footman James, you’ve adopted our best kit car or replica car insurance policy.

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At Footman James we understand that kit car enthusiasts want to make the most of their vehicles. That’s why we can now offer a range of additional cover options, which allows customers to pick and choose cover to suit their particular needs. The cover options are collectively called FJ+ and includes options such as breakdown, misfuelling and nil deduction salvage retention. So whether a customer wants to hire their car for weddings, drive to work or participate in track days we’ve got it covered!

Example FJ+ Cover Options
Legal Protection
Spare Parts
Spare Parts 2, 5 and 10
Drive to Work
Nil Deduction Salvage Retention
Agreed Value

Footman James reviews

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Kit Car Insurance WESTFIELD SPORT 2000


Having just renewed my specialist (kit car) insurance with Footman James I was very impressed with the way it was handled and the very competitive quote I was given. The whole package was fully explained in detail and I would recommend anyone to give them all before renewing or starting a specialist car insurance. Hi

Kit Car Insurance UNIPOWER GT

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Friendly and efficient service, were prepared to discount to get my business, good deal in the end.

Difficulty of obtaining an 'agreed value' verification for such a rare vehicle is tricky and has been left up to me to resolve.

Kit Car Insurance AC COBRA


Great service and insurance. I have used this company for years. High recommended.

Kit Car Insurance WESTFIELD SE I


I have been buying motor insurance from these guys for my Westfield for 12 years. Always found them reasonably priced. Their agents on the 'phone are always efficient and courteous. I shall continue to use.



Excellent service.
Bethany couldn't have been more helpful, professional and patient.

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