Classic Car and Bike Clubs

During the last thirty years Footman James have forged strong relationships with many enthusiasts' clubs, associations and affinity groups. Members can enjoy discounted rates from Footman James on classic and modern car, classic and modern motorcycle and home & contents insurance. If you run a club and would like to work with Footman James or you would like to be added to our 'Clubs' area, or you are currently listed and you would like to amend your club details then please email us on

Does being a member of your club or association mean you'll get a discount on your insurance? 
Please enquire with your club secretary or give us a call on 0333 207 6120.


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Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club, The 

The condition of your car is irrelevant. The Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club welcomes all owners regardless of how 'good' or 'bad' their car is - and all are equally welcome at the Club's rallies and shows.

Contact: Steve Turner
Tel: 01904 702792

Capri Club International 

The aim of Capri Club International is to generate a following of owners and enthusiasts who realise that the Capri is a modern day classic and wish to keep the legend alive.

Contact: Sally Bristow
Tel: 01386 860 860 (9-5)

Capri Mk1 Register 

Independent friendly Club catering for Capris built from 1968-1974.

Contact: Isabel Fairbrother
Tel: 01409 261181

Cavalier and Chevette Club 

The club caters for the owner, enthusiast and restorer of Cavalier and Chevette related models between 1975 and 1995.

Contact: Kevin Bricknall
Tel: 01908 561720

CB 1100R Owners Club 

We are a small international club of approximately 90 enthusiastic members, who have become very close friends over the past 15 years since the club began. The 3 limited addition models with race pedigree are the Ultimate Air Cooled Four, built for the Street Bike Series in the early 1980s. These rare and beautiful looking machines attract a lot of attention wherever we go. You don't have to own a Honda CB1100R to join us; everybody is made to feel very welcome.

Contact: Roy King
Tel: 01908 617569

CBX Riders Club (UK) 

Contact: Tony Smith
Tel: 01622 832796

Citroen Traction Owners Club 

The Traction Owners Club (“TOC”) is devoted to the conservation, preservation and restoration of all pre-1957 water cooled Citroën cars including rear wheel drive models and the iconic front wheel drive Traction Avant.



Tel: 0115 911 0960

Club GTI 

Club GTI is the original UK club, for enthusiasts of the VW Golf GTI and all related models, est. 1987.

Contact: Pete Seeva

Club Lotus 

The premier Lotus Club in the UK, boasting in the region of 8000 members.

Contact: Alan Morgan
Tel: 01362 694459
Fax: 01362 695522

Club Marcos International 

Membership is open to everyone, whether you own a Marcos or not.

Contact: Isobel Chivers
Tel: 01249 464 795

Classic Camper Club 

The original specialist club for all motor caravans built in a bygone classic era. Vehicles must have been built up to, and including, 1985 in order to qualify for membership.

Contact: Dilys Watts
Tel: 01684 563821

Classic Corvette Club UK 

Club founded in 1978 with almost 1,000 UK members.

Contact: Rich Rogers, Membership

Club Audi 

The longest established all model Audi club in the UK. The club is recognised by the Motor Sports Association (MSA)

Contact: Paul Wadge
Tel: 01494 482003

Clwyd Practical Classics 

Contact: Paul Gresley (membership secretary)
Tel: 01352 734162

Convertible Car Club, The 

A fun place for owners of all marques of open top cars to chat and organise events. We have no restrictions on who joins as long as you own or aspire to own a convertible car.

Contact: Richard Stokes
Tel: 07748 128 080

Crash Box & Classic Car Club of Devon 

Established in 1964 the Crash Box and Classic Car Club is a multi-make classic car club with a wide variety of vehicles in the ownership of members. Originally simply known as "The Crash Box Club" when in the early 90's the words 'and Classic Car' were added to the club name to be able to embrace the later types of car though predominately still over 25 to 30 years old.


Cossack Owners Club 

For owners of Russian, Ukrainian and other Soviet motorcycles

Contact: Dave Ramsden
Tel: 01274 862 298

Crayford Convertible Car Club 

Barry Priestman
Tel: 020 8857 3830

CX-GL Motorcycle Club 

For Members of the Honda CX & GL Motorcycle Club.

Contact: Skippy Allen,Dave French, Johnny Alpha
Tel: 01392 874540