Claims Information

FJ Rescue is provided by the RAC. If you have FJ Rescue cover as part of your insurance policy with us, you can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency assistance. Please ensure you have a copy of your insurance documents to hand when calling.

If you have broken down in the UK, please call 0333 207 6310

If you have broken down within Europe, then please call 00 33 472 43 52 55

If you or your vehicle are involved in an incident (such as an accident, theft or fire) covered by your policy please call the telephone number below.

Motor Vehicle: 0333 207 6190

Household: 0333 207 6192

You must...

• Obtain the name and address of any persons involved in the accident and any witnesses. This should include details of any passengers in any other vehicle involved

• Report any claim, accident, theft or loss as soon as possible by contacting the telephone helplines shown in your insurance documents. The sooner we know about an incident the sooner we can start helping you

• Send any writ, summons or letters received in connection with any claim, accident or loss to us as soon as you receive them

• Tell us at once if you receive any notice of prosecution, inquest or fatal accident inquiry connected to the incident

• Report any theft, or your vehicle being taken without your consent immediately to the police and obtain a crime reference number


You must never...

• Admit that the accident was your fault

• Attempt to negotiate the settlement of a claim from another person


We Will...

• Defend or settle any claim made against you on your behalf