FJ+ Tailor Your Classic Policy

At Footman James we understand that classic vehicle enthusiasts want to make the most of their classic vehicles. That’s why we have developed a range of additional cover options, which allows customers to pick and choose cover to suit their particular needs. The cover options are collectively called FJ+ and includes options such as wedding hire, breakdown and nil deduction salvage retention. So whether a customer wants to drive other classics, hire their car for weddings or wants to participate in track days we’ve got it covered!

You can find out more information about the options available to you in the table below.

If you have any questions about FJ + or want to find out more please call us on 0333 207 6133 or email

FJ+ ProductCustomer PropositionPricing (£)Classic CarClassic Bike
FJ Rescue provided by RAC Four options of Breakdown are available, including

- Roadside & Recovery (R, REC)
- R, Rec & Onward Travel
- R, Rec, Onward Travel & At Home
- R, Rec, Onward Travel & European
From £35
Legal Protection Costs for pursuing uninsured losses up to £100k per claim. Cover also includes costs for Motor Prosecution Defence (100k), Motor Contract Disputes and Legal (50k) , Lifestyle Counselling and Health and Medical Helplines. £25
Spare Parts  Cover for £250 of spare parts and fitted accessories for Classic Car and £100 for Classic Bike in connection with the insured vehicle.  Included

Spare Parts 2, 5 and 10. Cover for £2k, £5k or £10k of spare parts in connection with the insured vehicle and other vehicles owned by the policyholder whilst at home including £2k of cover for spare parts taken away from the home From £15
Salvage Retention  Retain the salvage in the event of a total loss by deducting the cost of the salvage from the settlement (subject to the category of salvage applied to the vehicle). Included
Nil Deduction Salvage Retention  Retain the salvage in the event of a total loss (Deduction free upon settlement of the claim, subject to the category of salvage applied to the vehicle). Vehicles over £50,000 in value are excluded £15
Agreed Value  Agree the Value of your vehicle to be used in the event of a total loss  £10
FJ+ Track Day Cover provided whilst participating in a Track Day at a Motor Sports Association (MSA) approved track with own Public Liability insurance. Must be organised at a UK track and by a Club or Track Day Organiser. Track Day 1 for one track day or Track Day 3 for three track days in the policy year. From £60
FJ+ European Motoring Cover in EU member countries as well as Norway, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) or any country which is a member of the European Union for 35 days per trip. Upgrade to European Motoring 90 for 90 days. £60