"What is the year of manufacture of the oldest classic vehicle you own?"

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Part 3, Lamborghini Countach & Concorso d'Eleganza 2017. Marzal, LM002, Espada

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Workshop Guide to Why Forks Fail

If something is working on a motorcycle we tend to take it for granted and don’t meddle; thus is human nature. It’s only when said device fails that many of us actually stop to look at the why, how and when.

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Grandfather reunited with vintage Austin sold 55 years ago

An 80-year-old man got a welcome surprise at a classic car exhibition, after being reunited with a vintage motor he sold in 1962.

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FJ Classic American Car of the Year heat 7 - beautiful red 1957 Chevrolet

The penultimate round to this year’s Footman James Classic American Car of the Year competition took place at the Atomic Vintage Festival.

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