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Motor trade and technology

When was the last time you used a fax machine, played a VHS or listened to music on a cassette?

Technological developments over the last few decades have been fast-paced and have taken no prisoners. The list of companies that have fallen foul to the pace of technological change includes huge names such as Blackberry, Kodak and Blockbuster. With this in mind, it is incredibly important for the motor trade industry to be on the pulse of these changes.

James Baggott in Car Dealer Mag reports that the car-buying cycle can last more than two years before a customer walks into a showroom to buy a vehicle. During that time the customer is researching online: watching videos, reading reviews and listening to influencers on social media. At this point, Baggot comments, motor traders need to be informing, persuading and interacting with customers online to ensure that it will be their showroom that the customer will walk into.

What does this mean specifically for classic car dealerships? There will still, and perhaps will always be, many people who enjoy coming into the dealership to view the cars and haggle face to face. Having said that, the classic vehicle customer of the future will be one who is used to buying their weekly grocery shop using an app and buying a washing machine at the click of a button. Therefore, it’s important that dealerships can accommodate this growing customer base in the future.

Just last month Google previewed Duplex, an incredibly life-like AI assistant. Simply ask Duplex to book an appointment for a test drive for you and it will ring the dealer and have a conversation with the real person at the end of the phone.

Personal contact in this evolving digital world is becoming more and more infrequent, and while the age of robots calling robots is probably a way off yet, being able to communicate digitally with customers is here and now.

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