Classic Car and Bike Clubs

During the last thirty years Footman James have forged strong relationships with many enthusiasts' clubs, associations and affinity groups. Members can enjoy discounted rates from Footman James on classic and modern car, classic and modern motorcycle and home & contents insurance. If you run a club and would like to work with Footman James or you would like to be added to our 'Clubs' area, or you are currently listed and you would like to amend your club details then please email us on

Does being a member of your club or association mean you'll get a discount on your insurance? 
Please enquire with your club secretary or give us a call on 0333 207 6120.


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The Wartburg Trabant IFA Club 

Founded in 1969 as the Wartburg Owners' Club, the club welcomes ALL enthusiasts who share an interest in the fascinating vehicles designed in the communist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) between the end of WWII and the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

Contact: Richard Hemington

Watford & District Classic Vehicle Club 

Contact: Cedric Levitt
Tel: 020 8421 9920

Westfield Sports Car Club 

Serving the interests of members for 20 years.

Contact: Scott Young (Membership)

Wolseley Register 

Contact: Alistair Murray