2nd September 2021

174 classics revealed in huge barn find in London

Many classic enthusiasts would consider themselves lucky to come across one barn find in their lifetime, but a collection of 174 dust-covered classics that are available to buy have recently been revealed in North London. 

The incredible collection has been showcased in a video from YouTuber Freddie Atkins via the channel The TFJJ. Some stand-outs include a classic 1974 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and old Land Rover Defender from the ‘90s, a Triumph Stag and a VW camper. You can watch the 8 minute video below:

An Instagram page to showcase the classics has recently been set up under the name londonbarnfinds. Despite only opening a few days ago, the page already has over 21 thousand followers at the time of writing this. The auction for these classics actually opened on 30th August, but the barn finds that didn’t sell will be listed on eBay or put up for sale directly if they haven't already so keep an eye out! 

Have you ever seen a collection of barn finds this big before? Did you spot any classics you could be interested in?