To the 32nd International Classic MotorCycle show at the Stafford County Showground

01 May, 2012

What a show!

And very encouraging to see the enthusiasm of all involved for anyone with an interest in classic motorcycles including those of us dedicated to specialist classic motorcycle insurance.

It was packed with owners, collectors and professionals with a noticeably British theme overall and with the Vintage Motor Cycle Club stand right next to ours.

The Vincents on display at the HRD owners stand and in the auction were attracting  immense interest as was the rare Egli Vincent on the Footman James stand kindly lent to us by Arthur Farrow. 


Arthur's 1935 Vincent Rapide was with the owners club display. On the same stand the Black Knight stopped plenty in their tracks. The Black Knight was the first glass fibre "enclosed" motorcycle for those who wanted the reassurance they could go anywhere and in any clothing! Just over 100 were made before Vincent stopped making bikes.

The 1937 Brough Superior was centre stage in the auction with a guide of £30k to £35k - the Brough Superior was named as such by a member of the Brough family who left the original Brough business and started making his own motorcycles using the same name but adding "Superior".

Classic Japanese motorcycles had starring roles on the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club stand and elsewhere. We noticed a restored Kawasaki H1 500 recalling the scary moniker it had in its time.

The "Wall of Death" and it's enthusiastic promotion were clear to all as they walked over from the car park. Probably more people arriving by car rather than bike due to the April weather - April 2012 is likely to be the wettest April ever on record so plenty of bikers are expected to get out and about in May hoping the worst is over.