22nd May 2020

Almost A Third Of Brits Name Their Classic

Research from ŠKODA UK has found that almost a third of UK motorists have given their car a name.

In a survey of 2,000 drivers, 32% revealed they had named at least one vehicle they had owned, with a quarter of those admitting to naming three or more vehicles during their lifetime.

The survey uncovered over 450 unique names for cars including popular names such as Betty, Freddie, Daisy and Rosie, while more unconventional choices included Bubbles, Beast, The Brussel Sprout, Zorro and Ketchup! Celebrity names also made an appearance with Beyoncé, Harrison Ford and Elvis Presley amongst those surveyed.

The survey also found that female drivers were almost twice as likely as male drivers to name their car, but men were much more likely to use the name of a loved one or relative compared to women.

Those living in the West Midlands were the most likely to bestow a name on their car (37%) which at FJ we can attest to as we're based in Dudley and have named our FJ T25 Transporter Digit! However, those living in Scotland (25%) and Wales (25%) were less likely to give their vehicle a name.

ŠKODA’s research also found that Brits had an incredibly strong affection for their cars, with 10% of motorists admitting they loved their car more than their spouse or partner, and one in seven claiming that their love for their car superseded that of their parents and/or siblings!

Well at FJ we've always thought of classic vehicles as being part of the family!

Have you named your classic vehicle? Let us know what you've chosen in the comments!

My 1975 Mk 1 Ford Escort Is called Gerry.

Bob, 30/05/2020

My Lotus Esprit S3 is called Celine. I am a big Celine Dion fan. They are both beautiful and put a smile on your face.

Classic Lotus, 28/05/2020

One car was named "The Tea Bag" because of its reg no. - PGT! My present car is called the Navvy, reg no is NAV and she will pull caravans, boats, carry mattresses, poles , guttering , anything!

Chuckie, 28/05/2020