13th May 2020

Ask An Expert: Oil & Filter Changes

In this next instalment of Ask An Expert, we answer Arthur Branthwaite’s question on annual oil and filter changes. He asks:

Do I need to do an oil and filter change annually on my Bentley Arnage? It’s only done 600+ miles in last 12 months.

For advice on this question, we spoke to Footman James client Mark Taylor of Mark Taylor RR & B, Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists.

“I would always recommend that you give your classic an oil and filter change annually, regardless of how many miles you’ve driven that year.

In fact, when you’ve driven fewer miles it’s actually even more important that you take the time to change the oil and filters. When your car is stationary in storage or in the garage for a prolonged period of time, the oil can start to take on moisture. As a result, the oil’s consistency changes and you can end up with a milky-looking residue on the surface of the oil. If the oil isn’t the right viscosity, this means that it can't work correctly which of course could cause some problems further down the line. If you’d rather not perform an oil and filter change yourself, a local classic garage like ourselves will happily perform the task as part of an annual service, or as an oil and filter change only.”

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