24th February 2021

Ask An Expert: Will Petrol be Accessible in 2030?

In this next instalment of Ask An Expert, we answer Sean Walton’s question regarding petrol consumption for classics after the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles.

He asks: Hi, I have a jaguar Mark 2 and would be very grateful if you could answer my question. In your opinion come 2030 when all cars are going onto electric will classic cars still be able to get petrol. Regards Sean”

Chrome Carbon, the climate positive program for automotive enthusiasts gave us their opinion: "Although only EVs will be allowed to be sold from 2030, a large share of the 31 million Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars registered in the UK today and those which will be sold in the next 10 years, will still be on the road by then. So, yes we should be able to get petrol in 2030. But at what price? Ownership of ICE vehicles will be strongly discouraged with geographical restrictions and high taxes. It is also possible that new industrial breakthroughs make synthetic clean fuels, which are today too expensive for the general public, competitive with petrol and allow ICE owners to emit zero emissions."

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I have a 1988 XJS 5.3 HE which I had converted to dual fuel with LPG in 1995. Since then I have not experienced any mechanical problems or loss in performance. However, on initial start-up, it uses petrol and automatically transfers to LPG on reaching 1800 RPM, and continues on LPG until the engine is switched off. Considering I am only paying 70p per litre for LPG, I still need petrol to start the vehicle and this begs the question how do you think the new legislation will affect dual-fuel vehicles such as mine which also have cleaner fuel emissions? Many thanks, Alan

alanjacks, 25/02/2021