26th August 2020

Ask An Expert: Cover For Pillion Passengers

When the sun is shining and the conditions are just right, it’s understandable that many bikers would want to share the thrill and enjoyment of a classic bike ride with a passenger.

So, in this edition of Ask An Expert, we thought we’d answer one of the most common classic bike insurance questions we get asked: what cover is provided for pillion passengers on a motorcycle with a Footman James policy?

To begin with, a pillion passenger is someone who travels in a seat or place behind the rider of a bike or scooter. Also, it’s important to remember that as a biker, you can only carry pillion passengers if you have a full motorbike or moped license.

At FJ our cover applies to any passenger on a bike though, whether this is pillion or in a sidecar for example. So how exactly is a passenger covered on an FJ classic bike policy?

Essentially, as an FJ policyholder, you would be covered for any legally liable to be paid due to your passenger being injured in a claim which was determined to be your fault. This will only apply however if your bike has been designed to carry passengers, your passenger is facing forward at all times, and if you’re both wearing the appropriate helmets (unless you’re exempt from doing so, e.g. if you’re a Sikh and you wear a turban).

If the accident was non-fault, then the policyholder and passenger would both be able to claim their injuries and uninsured losses from the third party involved (provided the third party is insured).

Please note, all of the above is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations as detailed in the policy.

If you’d like to read about this in more detail or simply learn more about our classic bike policy, visit our Classic Bike page. There you can download our policy documents which stipulate clearly what is and isn’t covered by us. But of course, you’re also more than welcome to get in touch with us directly with any query you may have by calling us on 0333 207 6120, requesting a call back on our website or by emailing enquiries@footmanjames.co.uk.