12th January 2021

Ask An Expert: Classic Mini Water Ingress

In the first in our Ask An Expert series for 2021 we asked the British Mini Club to help Mark Tomlin with his water ingress problem.

Mark asked: "I bought my partner a Mk8 Rover Mini Cooper which has been great up until the end of last year! My problem is I am getting an awful lot of water inside the car. To give you some idea since September I have been using a dehumidifier and am bailing out around 30 litres a week. This happens regardless of it being driven or parked up. The only obvious place I find a quantity of water is in the spare wheel well in the boot (but no more than a small puddle) I am at my wits end trying to find how the water is getting in. All the door seals and boot lid seals have been replaced to no avail. HELP please totally desperate, I can see it rotting before my eyes."

The British Mini Club replied saying that in their experience, the most likely culprit for this would be the windscreen. They recommend that Mark checks the windscreen rubber along with any corrosion under the rubber on the front scuttle panel.

Failing that, they advise that a simple test would be to sit inside the car and to get someone to use a hosepipe on the outside. Hopefully you will then see which location the water is coming in from.

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Thank you, Mark, for asking us the question. Glad we could help you.

Footman James, 02/02/2021

Thank you, Footman James for putting my question forward. Looks like I'll be checking out the windscreen seal at weekend. Regards Mark.

Mark, 15/01/2021