31 March, 2016

Barn Find Month - Chevrolet Camaro


A picture tells a thousand words, however the state of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro showed there was a deeper story behind the classic that had lain undisturbed for over 40 years.

Jeff must’ve thought the same after a friend told him about the Chevrolet which he followed up with the honour to purchase. The car having been buried for over 40 years meant Jeff had to rally up the troops just to help him dig it out.

The rusting hulk of a Camaro, with no front sheet metal to speak of was buried deep in a large metal storage building which made it barely recognisable.

It was no secret the previous owner was a true enthusiast who kept every single piece of paperwork from the beginning including order sheets and diagrams. Getting this racer out of the metal building was no walk in the park as dirt, piles of cylinder heads, bikes and other bits and bobs took away the excitement of digging the car out.

The previous owner who acquired the vehicle in 1969 drove the Chevrolet up until 1974 then put it away in storage. “Next to the Camaro was an old Chevrolet pickup, vintage motorcycles, another truck, Corvettes, stock cars, and more”. Perhaps this is why he parked the Camaro to explore all that vintage glory stored up in his garage.

A few hours later, the Camaro was finally pulled out from the building huffing and puffing awakening from its slumber. “By the time we left the shop, the guys had figured out how to get the Camaro on the trailer, and it was just about loaded up. We were finally able to get a really good look in and underneath the car. It was rough, but all the important stuff was there. It had full documentation, everything matched up. So we were good to go”, explained Ryan.

After a nostalgic day, a massive ‘thank you’ to the owner and a bunch of stories to tell, it was time to head home and face the next chapter of the savvy racer – RESTORATION!

Barn find by Ryan Brutt – www.hotrod.com