February 27 2018

Beaulieu launches search for what makes a car luxury

Lovers of all things extravagant are being invited to share their auto-indulgences as part of a new Luxury of Motoring display at Footman James partners, the National Motor Museum.

A touch of luxe

The brand new showcase features a collection of some of the most luxuriant vehicles ever built. As well as giving insight into their design, the gallery also gives a glimpse into the lifestyles of those who owned and drove them; from the rich upper classe to the well-groomed chauffeurs.

Treasures from history give further insight; from ornate vanity cases to elegant costumes, the new showcase has many decadent examples of lavish features that have raised the bar in luxury motoring.

The National Motor Museum boasts: “From luxury picnic hampers and matching luggage sets to cut glass decanters and even a gold-plated tea jug… we show a selection of the wealth of motoring accessories on offer to those who could afford them.”

Also included in the display is a unique collection of 28 Lalique glass car mascots.

For some, luxury is speed, style and elegance, while for others it is chrome alloys, airbrushed flames or a mascot on the bonnet.

The definition of luxury is completely subjective, but whatever your vision, sharing your thoughts could win you VIP access to the museum and surrounding estate!

Share to win

Beaulieu is looking for every perception of luxury; whether it’s a gleaming new Bentley, or an affordable pair of fluffy dice.

Sharing what you think makes your car luxury could win you a VIP experience of the Beaulieu estate, with exclusive “behind the scenes” museum access.

To enter, just send your pictures and suggestions via social media to Beaulieu, using the hashtag #LuxuryMotoring. Alternatively, you can email competitions@beaulieu.co.uk.

The #LuxuryMotoring competition is open until March 23!

As one of our many partners, the National Motor Museum is housed at the Beaulieu estate in the New Forest national park in Hampshire. Marked by the magnificent Beaulieu Abbey, the estate is also home to the World of Top Gear, Palace House & Gardens and The Secret Army Exhibition.

To find out more about the National Motor Museum click here