17th December 2020

Bike Facts Disc: Sharing The Thrill Behind Your Bike's Rides, Mods and Adventures

What better way to distract yourself over the winter season and current COVID-19 restrictions than taking a trip down memory lane, digging out past photos and videos of your bike, and making a start at creating a live chronicle of it’s unique profile and history.

Earlier this month, the founder of Car Facts Disc, Paul Tombs, launched a brand new line of Facts Discs to give other vehicle owners the opportunity to share stories about their pride and joy. One of the latest product additions included a Bike Facts Disc.

Released in conjunction with our 12 Days of Christmas Competition, the Bike Facts Disc became a great hit across our Footman James community and in fact, the winning prize of our competition on day 5.

The Bike Facts Disc allows motorcyclists to upload and share personalised stories about their motorcycle with fellow enthusiasts in a really simple and fun way. The bike’s history, modifications, restoration journey and travel adventures, along with images, videos and even film hire rates can all be shared using the disc. As an option, bikers can also show if its for sale. The best part is; the owners are in complete control over the amount of information they upload to their disc via the online portal. This means that they can add and change their photos and content at any time throughout their bike’s lifetime.

Bike Facts Disc on Chopper

Once the disc is displayed neatly on the bike via the traditional disc holder, any passers-by, event visitors or fellow enthusiasts that spot it, will be able to use their smartphone camera to scan its unique code and view its story. As for the bike owners, they can save a direct link to their disc’s contents on their phone and therefore have it available on hand wherever they go.

The Bike Facts Disc looks like the UK’s old paper tax disc, but is in fact a powerful little gadget and ideal for motorbike owners that race, participate in club events as exhibitors or quite simply enjoy a good ride and touring across scenic roads.

Available from www.FactsDisc.com, the disc comes in a downloadable PDF format which means you can buy it and begin personalising it straight away – isn’t that a treat!