16th June 2020

BMW Classic Car Group Launches a Brand New Online Series

BMW enthusiasts looking for some lockdown entertainment will be pleased to hear the BMW Group have started a new web series dedicated to classics called Inside BMW Group Classic. These bite-sized episodes are just a few minutes long but are packed with useful facts, fantastic shots of classics and a healthy dose of German humour.

From roadster icons such as the BMW Z1 to unique exhibits like a 1967 Mini Monte Carlo Rally replica, the series covers the length and breadth of the BMW Classic roster, giving fans of all varieties some much needed additional at-home entertainment. Episodes are released on a weekly basis, with at least ten ready to watch right now.

Every episode in the current run has been recorded at the iconic BMW Museum in Munich, home to around 120 exhibits and boasting a quarter of a million visitors every year. The location is refreshing, offering viewers a chance to not only see these amazing vehicles up close but offering insight into the museum itself and how it’s maintained. Even BMW experts are likely to learn something new with every weekly release.

The series was developed by Benjamin Voss (BMW Group Classic Spokesperson) and Christoph Gontard (Head of Marketing and Public Relations), who also host the show together. In an interview with ClassicCars.com Voss stated:
“We could have been like other videos and just stand in front of the car explaining the technical specifications of the cars and motorbikes like most do. Our goal was to show these technical ideas of each car or motorbike as entertainment. We wanted to tell a story about each of the cars that is not as well known or has not yet been told.”

You can catch up on the episodes so far on the BMW Group Classic YouTube channel: