British classic cars – Now on an envelope near you!

19 August, 2013

If there’s anything that can be said about stamps it’s that they travel a lot, so what better image to have on them than some of Britain’s beautiful classic cars!

Royal Mail has just launched a brand new range of stamps that celebrates the very best of British car manufacturing, featuring full colour pictures of some seriously stunning motors.

So what are the six cars that are now a part of Royal Mail history? Well, the three first class stamps feature none other than a beautiful 1961 red Jaguar E-Type, a 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and a 1963 Aston Martin DB5. Definitely first class! There are also going to be three £1.28 stamps that have a green 1968 Morgan Plus 8, an orange 1976 Lotus Esprit and a sky blue 1962 MG MGB.

The Best of British

There are also a series of ‘workhorse’ vehicles that deserved a special nod including the classic London Taxi in the form of the Austin FX4, the Ford Anglia used by the police, the Landrover as used by the coastguard, and of course the Morris Minor Van which is used by Royal Mail.

Of course in order to find the very finest specimens to photograph for the stamps, expert car photographer Hames Mann was tasked with showing the vintage vehicles in the best possible light. The cars themselves are immaculate and classic in every sense of the word, showcasing a rich history of British manufacturing. The images are not just reserved for stamps; they will also feature on postcards prints, available now to any fans of British Classic Cars and we can’t wait to get our hands on a set.