12 April, 2016

Brooklands Braced For MG Bash


Few marques encapsulate the care-free, open-road driving of 1960s Britain than the classic MG… especially with its top down.

Last weekend hundreds of enthusiasts gathered in Surrey for a celebration of this classic make.

Yes, the Brooklands MG Era bash hit Weybridge again on Sunday (April 10).

The MG has served up some classic treats over the years, including its inaugural model, the M14/28 (1924-27), MGA (1955-62) and MGB (1962-80). Connoisseurs will be hoping to catch a glimpse of one or all of these.

A whole range of all things MG were on offer and today we take a look at some of them…Regal MGs

Celebrating the MG Midget’s 55th birthday

The Midget burst on to the scene in 1961 as what was billed as a “sturdy” and “sleek” two-seater car. It was MG’s first sub-1000cc vehicle since 1936.

The then Berkshire market town of Abingdon (now Oxfordshire) had been producing MGs since 1927 and the site designed and constructed the Midget too.

It came with a oomph-inducing 948cc four-cylinder engine. And its asking price way back then? A cool £669. These treasures will be out in force on Sunday.

Celebrating the MG TA’s 80th birthday

The word regal doesn’t even begin to describe this beautiful model, which was built from 1936-39.

Just over 3,000 were built in the first year and they retailed for £222 in Britain. Brooklands will transport you back to the late 1930s by remembering this car.

Test hill trials

A great favourite as MGs were once more put to the test on this most challenging of hills from 3.30-4pm.

The main staples

But MG lovers were equally drawn to old favourites, the annual cavalcade and Concours d’Elegance on the Mercedes-Benz World circuit.