18th March 2019

Bugatti proves they’re just big kids with new Type 35 replica ride-on car

Bugatti has announced it will produce 500 fully functional three-quarter size replicas of the classic Bugatti Type 35 to celebrate its 110th anniversary.

But don’t beat a path for your local toy shop to place your order just yet. Each of the exquisitely crafted ‘toys’ will cost an eye-watering £30,000 before options, taxes and delivery…that’s the same as a Golf GTI.

In fairness, buyers of the model – christened the Baby II – do get a lot of ‘car’ for their cash.

It’s hand-built, powered by an electric motor that drives the rear wheels and boasts features including a limited slip differential and regenerative braking.

The power output can be set to 1kW ‘child mode’ for a sedate top speed of around 12mph, or 4kW ‘adult mode’ for a decidedly pacey high end of 28mph.

But real speed demons can specify the Speed Key upgrade – just like on the real Chiron – which will dial the power up to 10kW and disengage the speed limiter.

And that’s not the only similarity with Bugatti’s flagship £2.5 million hypercar. Each Type 35 replica boasts more than a few familiar features from the firm’s Molsheim factory, including the same 50g solid silver ‘Macaron’ badge on the nose.

Each model build also comes fitted with a unique, numbered limited-edition anniversary plaque.

All things considered, this could be the cheapest and coolest way to own a Bugatti and all we can say is – please can we have a go?