Classic US Vehicles Get A Special License Plate

04 March, 2014

Classic car owners will be able to obtain their own classic licence plate in a US state from next month.

The move applies to any cars, trucks and motorbikes that are 20 years old or over, and brings to light an interesting initiative which many enthusiasts here in the UK would surely welcome.

The existing "Early American" plate will be replaced with the more stylish "Classic Vehicle" by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Connecticut.

No fixed plans are yet in place to install the idea in the UK, but previous trends seeing US innovations replicated in Britain suggest that a similar switch may not be long in coming for owners taking out classic car insurance in the UK.

The standard-issue vanity plates can be obtained from April 1 from branch offices around Connecticut. Residents are already applying for a plate in this new series ahead of their release.

The new US plate shows a white background with dark blue lettering and words "Classic Vehicle" centred at the bottom. It is aimed at emphasising the special character of these older vehicles.

DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said: "As with their cars, it (the plate) will stand out as special." Currey called the design "very distinctive", adding: "The new look also allows for up to seven characters for a vanity plate and opens up a wide range of ways to personalise a vehicle."

Commissioner Currey recently joined state politicians and classic car buffs at the State Legislative Office Building to launch the newly designed licence plate.

It will cost drivers 27 dollars (£16.15) to replace the Early American plate with the Classic Vehicle plate. Charges vary for replacing other plates with a new Classic Vehicle plate based on the expiration of the present registration.

Applicants can request through the mail only a vanity plate with special letters and numbers for 96 dollars (£57.43).

Motorcycle plates show the same dark blue lettering on a white backdrop with an old-style motorbike logo on the left and the words "Classic Motorcycle."

Every Early American plate now in use will stay registered until an owner cancels them. The new plate design was agreed after consultation meetings between Commissioner Currey and classic car fans who originally approached politicians and DMV to upgrade the plate.