20 May, 2016

Classic Car Of The Month Triumph TR6


The Triumph Motor Company is a historic name in the world of British classic vehicles, so it’s no surprise that one of their iconic models is our chosen Classic Car of the Month for May.

With the origins of the Triumph name dating back as far as 1885, it’s easy to see how the marque has produced dozens of memorable, world renowned motorcycles and vehicles - including some of the most sought after collectors models of today. The Triumph TR6 is one of these sought-after models; one of the best-selling sports cars in the TR range.

History of the Triumph TR6Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 was part of the best-selling TR range of vehicles, which was produced between 1953 and 1981. The TR range, evolving from the TRX to the more recent TR8, saw a number of evolutionary changes between the models, from suspension updates to upgraded engines as the years progressed.

By the time the Triumph TR6 went into production in 1968 the vehicle boasted a six-cylinder engine within its sporty frame, and soon became the best-seller of the TR range up till that point. However, this record was then surpassed by the new TR7 when that vehicle was later introduced.

The construction of the TR6 was seen by many as fundamentally old-fashioned. The body was bolted onto a standalone frame, rather than taking the more modern unibody approach - where the two are integrated. The vehicle also saw a number of classic touches, from a wood-effect veneer dashboard to the squared off front and back ends.

As with other classic models from this time modern TR6 examples can be known to experience rust issues, although due to their popularity many seen on the roads today tend to be well looked after. Another common issues is overheating; many experienced car owners combat this by fitting an aftermarket electric radiator fan to either support or replace the original. However, classic car enthusiasts will be pleased to know that parts and supplies for TR6 models are readily available to this day - making them a popular choice for enthusiasts looking to own a piece of British Triumph history.

About the Triumph TR6

When it came to the overall look of the TR6 this closely resembled its predecessor, the TR5. The main aesthetic update was the new squared off look to the front and back ends, based on an exterior consultancy contract involving German motor vehicle manufacturing company Karmann. The shape, known as a Kamm tail, was popular with other models of this era, and can be seen on many other Triumph models.

Aside from this exterior update to the front and rear ends, many of the changes between the earlier TR models and the TR6 were less dramatic. The TR6 roadster boasted an inline six-cylinder engine, with four speed manual transmission and optional extras including an anti-roll bar and a limited slip differential.

UK models, as well as other world markets apart from the United States, received fuel-injected variants, leading to the TR6PI designation. The UK model was able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds, with a top speed of an impressive 120 mph, according to Autocar magazine trials.

All of these features, paired with the readily available parts and thriving Triumph presence when it comes to classic car clubs and fairs, have helped to ensure that the TR6 has stayed at the forefront of classic car enthusiast’s minds throughout the past half a century.

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