12th January 2022

Call for exemption from new transport regulation proposals

With a new bill currently in consultation on how to regulate vehicle standards in the future that includes anti-tampering laws, the Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA) have written a response expressing their concerns along with some requests for the Government to consider.

The ‘Future of Transport’ consultation focused on supporting the automotive industry and to ensure that transport regulations are fit for the future, with proposals to enable the Government to better prevent harmful tampering with vehicle emission control systems.

The bill would allow the Government the tools they need to regulate and control vehicle standards without having to go through the long process it does currently. While this is a good thing as it aims to make roads safer and better for everyone, the HCVA want to make sure that they don’t overlook the implications of this new bill on historic and classic vehicles. As part of their response, the HCVA have requested three things.

The first is the exclusion of historic and classic vehicles from the new rules, with the rules only applying to new cars and not cars already on the road. They have also asked that any existing garages, engineers and owners as well as businesses in the sector are exempt from a requirement to enforce the new rules on historic vehicles.

The new bill would also allow any further changes to be made in the future without official guidance or secondary legislation, meaning that a discussion in Parliament can be avoided if there are any challenges. The HVCA have asked for the classic and historic vehicle sector to be safeguarded from these powers. This would mean that any changes that may hurt classic vehicles would need to go back to Parliament for a debate and vote.

The new bill also includes proposed ban on tampering. The ban aims to make it illegal to alter cars in any way that would impact the environment, road safety or security. It’s another positive step for improving our roads but it could have some implications for classic vehicle owners too. The proposals could criminalise everything that is fitted to a vehicle after market, so the HVCA has asked that the Government consider a different way to solve the tampering issue or put in exclusions for the classic and historic vehicle sector.

The HCVA say they will continue to keep a close eye on the situation. Find out more about their response to the proposed bill on their website.

In response to Sailor's post of 15/01/2022, I can only agree. The Welsh Assembly proposes a blanket 20mph speed limit for all residential areas throughout Wales from 2023. In one response to me from the Minister concerned, he stated that "there are too many cars on the road", which to my mind is very revealing and concurs with Sailor's point. Our local newspaper kindly printed a letter from me which contained this statement and headed the article with the title "Don't force us off the roads". The problem is that Governments of all colours are guided by the men in grey suits and their cohorts and unfortunately they seem to be anti car and this elite group will still be driven around in their expensive vehicles.

Ianto, 17/01/2022

Hi As with most government schemes , this Also strikes as a smoke and mirrors attempt to remove older vehicles from the roads,which has been an ongoing agenda lurking in the background for some time. Could anyone explain where increased safety to our roads can come from these proposals.? I see this as part of another green environment attempt to remove our choice of hobby by indicating that older classic vehicles are harmful to the planet and must be removed for the resultant extra safety? Have all the people who have bought into the electric vehicle concept appreciated the impending electricity costs predicted for later this year and the environmental cost to producing the extra electricity required.? are these the same people who will applaud the removal of older vehicles? One has to wonder if the same proposals were targeted at say golf or horse racing would we be considering these proposals .I think not I have probably annoyed enough people now with this missive but be aware, if whatever government is in power at the time, they will go down the road of greenness despite whatever protestations are in force, assuming by that time we will still be allowed to protest in this democracy we apparently all live in.

Nb55, 15/01/2022

Please keep a very close eye on the situation

Peter, 15/01/2022