March 29 2018

10 Classic Cars That Are Close to Extinction

Sierras, Cortinas and Metros were commonplace on British roads in the 1980s, but they’re now vanishing at such a rate they could soon disappear altogether.
Here are 10 that might soon be gone for good…

Ford Sierra 1982-93

Astronomical levels of production mean there were 3,470,524 Sierras produced in its 11-year stint. Today, only 0.1% of them have survived with just 3,900 on UK roads.

Austin Maxi 1969-81

There were 472,098 of these 1970s’ favourites made over 12 years, but astonishingly just 159 remain.

Ford Cortina 1962-82

Britain’s best-selling car in the late 1960s and 1970s, also earned its place as a successful competition car. Sadly, this is the mightiest fall of all, as only 0.09% of the Ford Cortinas ever made are still around today, with just 3,814 registered of the 4,154,902 produced.

Austin Allegro 1973-82

A square steering wheel caused some people to name-call the Allegro “the worst car ever”. We like to think it was just ahead of its time. But still, only 186 of the 642,340 produced are still around today.

Mini Metro 1980-90

Aimed at replacing the beloved Mini, around 1.5 million Metros were made prior to being rebadged as the Rover Metro in 1990. Of these, only 478 are still registered.

Vauxhall Chevette 1975-84

Sold as either a three-door hatchback or estate, this is Vauxhall’s take on the T-Car small vehicle concept. And yet, despite mass production taking levels to 416,058, only 232 are still on our roads.

Hillman Avenger 1970-81

Affectionately referred to as “the forgotten family car”, only 229 of the 638,631 Hillman Avengers that were made are still registered.

Morris Marina 1971-80

The Marina was well-priced for a car in the seventies, which led to massive production levels of 809,000. But in 2005 there were only 550 still knocking around and today only 294 survive.

Vauxhall Victor 1957-76

With just 829 Victors left, compared with 1,050 a decade earlier, the rate of decline is much slower than others on the list. However, there aren’t many of the endangered marque still around, so get one while you can.

*information compiled by motoring statistics site How Many Left