07 June, 2013

Classic Cars – What Makes Them So Special?


One topic that is a popular debate amongst enthusiasts is what makes a car a classic. Some people would go for arbitrary age limits, whilst others would say that special or limited variants are what give them the classic status. Of course, everyone’s own ideas of what makes a classic will differ, but here are a few broad areas we think can help narrow things down. Styles, limited editions and cult following

For some people, the design and style of the car is what makes it classic to them. Cars with a very distinctive style that hails back to an era of yesteryear have a good case to be called classic. For example, look at the Dodge Charger or the VW Beetle – utterly distinctive and undoubtedly classic. Similarly, cars that only had limited production runs and are somewhat of a rarity can also fall within this definition as they also share a historic and limited quality.

For most people, a broad definition is that classic cars are vehicles that retain their monetary and aesthetic value after their production has ended. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but having a particular taste for a type of vehicle is no different than your taste in clothing. Assuming that they are properly cared for, classic cars are vehicles that appreciate more in value as time goes by because their scarcity and aesthetic cannot be replicated once original production has ended.

Why define it at all

Defining a car as a classic helps create an identity to a passionate hobby and ensures that vehicles fit a certain description for insurance purposes. There are many classic car clubs out there that all have their own particular brands and manufacturers, so for them, having a car that is described as ‘classic’ allows them to build a real sense of community and shared interest. For insurance, there does need to be a distinction between regular and classic vehicles as some insurers may not have the proper knowledge or experience to give your classic car the protection it deserves.

At Footman James we love to talk about classic vehicles, so if you have any ideas about what you think makes a classic car, get in touch and let us know.