Classic Mercedes Benz - A legendary contribution

27 August, 2013

Whilst Mercedes Benz is a famous household name and still produces beautiful cars, they have a legacy that goes back generations, bringing the world’s first petrol powered automobile that changed the world of transport and motoring forever.

The company has been operating under the Mercedes Benz brand since 1926 and has continued to pave the way with technological innovation in performance and safety.

At Footman James we admire cars and manufacturers of all creeds, especially when their contributions to motoring span over 100 years. So what is it that we love so much about Mercedes Benz?


Mercedes Benz vehicles have always pushed the boundaries of performance and efficiency. For example, the company unveiled the world’s first seven speed automatic transmission car in 2003, known as the “7g-tronic”. This meant that gear changes could be made with speed and smoothness, reducing fuels consumption and increasing overall efficiency. Mercedes Benz can also hold the claim to the world’s most powerful and naturally aspirated eight cylinder engine, whilst their 3.0 v6 diesel engine has also set three world records for endurance.


Of course, one of the most important aspect of any vehicle is their safety. Although some classic cars may not have the same safety technology as their modern descendants, Mercedes Benz have had their part in creating some industry-standard mechanisms. Crumple Zones on automobile safety cages can be traced back to Mercedes Benz and are instrumental in protecting drivers if they are in a collision. Another feature of modern day cars attributed to Mercedes Benz are anti-lock brakes which have also likely saved countless lives.


The above are a testament to Mercedes Benz’s constant drive for innovation and we have no doubt they will continue to push boundaries in the future. They have been developing and testing driverless cars since 1980 and most likely have other tricks up their sleeve in the coming years. Driverless technology is still one possible future for motoring and you can be sure the Mercedes Benz will be right up there with the first producers.

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