Classic Morris Minor Still Going Strong

06 November, 2014

A classic Morris Minor has made the headlines this week after clocking up a staggering 300,000 miles - 49 years after it rolled off the production line.

The vintage 1000 model, which was registered on 1 November 1965, is the pride and joy of 84-year-old John Davies who still uses it on a regular basis, whether popping down the local shops or visiting friends.

He bought it off his brother Arthur in the 1980s for the sum of just £50 to save it from the scrap heap - and hasn’t looked back since. In fact he swears he wouldn’t dream of trading in for a younger model.

Unparalleled reliability
Morris Minor 1000s never fail to attract attention; turning heads today just as they did when first bursting onto the landscape. They’ve always held a loyal following and enthusiasts come from far and wide to see them at Morris Minor Owners Club (MMOC) shows across the UK.

Mr Davies, from Aberystwyth in Wales, is the third owner of this particular - and rather spectacular - 1000.

The two-door model’s odometer has gone around the clock three times - a feat rarely achieved these days - plus it even has the same engine it had when it was built, proof of how well these cars were put together. 

But how many times has it broken down during those 300,000 miles? The answer: just once when the piston blew up. Even then Mr Davies was able to drive it up a hill and into the garage to be repaired.

‘By the book’
Comfortable, convenient and reliable are the three words the great-grandfather uses to describe his trusty companion.

Last year he did 1,153 miles in it and spent about £15 a fortnight on petrol, while insurance for this year cost him £166.85. So it’s fairly cheap to run, especially compared to some of the gas guzzlers on the road today.

Mr Davies has no plans to part ways with the car - and who could blame him after all those years of loyal service?
When asked about the secret to the car’s longevity, he replied “doing everything by the book” - wise words for petrol heads and classic car enthusiasts everywhere, not just those with a soft spot for Morris Minors.

The MMOC – who partner with Footman James - has more than 50 thriving branches nationwide to help you solve mechanical problems, both niggling and major, and share ideas with like-minded Moggy owners.