01 September, 2014

classic morris minor up for sale


Wanted: loving new home to prevent desirable old Morris Minor from coming a Cropper.

But what makes this 1963 model streets ahead of other comparable classic cars is that it’s a TV star on one of the country's most long-running shows.

The 1000 Traveller was Hayley and Roy Cropper's Coronation Street car for 12 years.

Owner Claire Parker wants around £5,000 for the model and it could end up fetching a fair bit more now that word of its history is out.

It has even been kept in tip-top condition on account of its constant appearances on the Street. 

The green beauty has also just passed its MOT after clocking-up 84,000 miles (135,184 km).

ITV has funded its servicing and maintenance and may still ask to hire the car for further adventures to add to these already legendary soap moments:

Roy's driving lessons
The late, great Hayley owned the Morris Minor and attempted to get her husband to learn in it - with hilarious results.

Blockade vehicle
It was once used to blockade the garage belonging to Kevin Webster following a dispute.

Meeting the mother-in-law
Shortly after meeting Roy's mum Sylvia (Stephanie Cole), Hayley took her out in an angst-ridden drive in the Morris Minor. Sylvia said she could not be expected to sit in it.

Wedding car
Brides can normally look forward to being escorted to and from the wedding service in a limo. Not for classy Hayley Cropper, though. She took the Morris.

Morris minus
Becky McDonald repaid the couple's charity by stealing the classic car. Things eventually smoothed out, however, and the Croppers treated her like a daughter figure.

Other loveable TV classic cars

Inspector Morse's Jag
Fourteen years after Inspector Morse bowed out from our television screens, his Mark 2 2.4 L-engine Jag is still going strong.
It sold for over £100,000 in 2005.

Only Fools and Horses' Reliant Regal van
Is there a more famous vehicle in the history of UK TV sitcom?
Del Boy's 1970s-made grubby three-wheeler was valued at a generous £17,500 last year.

The Persuaders' Aston Martin
Lord Brett Sinclair's (Roger Moore) iconic 1970 DBS went for £533,000 at auction in May.

EastEnders milkfloat
Seen at many an opening to the popular soap, this sold for £2,300 at auction last spring.

Minder Daimler
Arthur Daley's 1981 Sovereign Saloon proved a nice little earner
earlier this year, fetching £15,525 under the hammer.