7th April 2020

How I Got Into Classic Bike Ownership by Andrew Brimson

I recently returned to owning a classic motorcycle, having owned several in the 1980s.

Why a Triumph 3T? Because my late Father bought a new one in 1946 - I still have all the purchase receipts and repair invoices for a sticking valve. I had the opportunity in 1986 to purchase one for £850 but chose a 3TA. I did not regret the decision as the 3TA stayed with me until 1997.

I gave up commuting 7 years ago and wanted to return to the ownership of an older Triumph, so I went out to search for a 3T within a very strict budget. I found one through a dealer, 47 engine planted in a 49 frame.

Me and my better half went to see it and the time came to kick start the engine, It did not fire on the first few kicks, but when it did I was hooked. Everything worked and the money side was completed.

The 3T was trailered home after the insurance from Footman James (who else) was finalised. My dream of owning a 3T had come true.

After lots of polishing of alloy, but leaving the Iron Head engine as it was and sorting the oil feed pipes and front break, riding on Saturday and Sunday afternoons has been a sheer pleasure - with the engine firing on the first kick and showing to be reliable at a steady 45 mph.

My Father took his 3T to the Scottish Highlands, very brave - I am hoping to replicate his journey upon the A roads from Bristol to Scotland.

The 3T is named Percy and is staying with me until I depart.

Story has been edited for clarity