DJ Evans Announces Classic Car Day

03 April, 2014

DJ Evans ‘announces’ Classic Car Day

The clocks may be going forward this weekend, but they will also be turned back next week as well... on the UK's roads at least.

In an unexpected turn, drivers can now hope to witness a spectacular sea of historic vehicles during rush-hour on Friday April 4 - after one famous motoring aficionado came up with a particularly intriguing fundraising scheme. 

The inaugural UK National Classic Car Day is the brainchild of BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans. It came via an impromptu suggestion on his Monday morning breakfast programme. 

Evans is encouraging all owners of vintage models to get them out for their commute to work on his newly-crowned national day. They should offer lifts to friends and colleagues and crucially donate to the BBC Children in Need charity into the bargain.

If successful, it could become a permanent fixture of fun in the UK charity calendar.

Evans, an avid historic vehicle connoisseur who is regularly updating his classic car insurance policies with additions to his stable, explained that there are no rules regarding age or type of car.

"If you consider it a classic, then it’s OK. Class is in the eye of the beholder,” he said.

The DJ is yet to speculate as to which classic model he will be driving on the big day, but his vast collection suggests he won't be spoilt for choice.

Perhaps pride of place in his enviable collection is the only working car constructed for the original 1968 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie.

It comprises a vivacious Ford Racing 3.0-litre V6, First World War British fighter plane dashboard plate, polished aluminium bonnet, red and white cedar boat deck and brass fittings lifted from Edwardian motor vehicles.

Evans describes the car as “Truly Scrumptious”. He said: “Chitty is now officially part of the Berkshire Automotive Massive.” He acquired it from a friend who couldn't fit the model into his garage.

Other gems in Evans' collection include (or have included) a:
- Ferrari 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi racing car
- Ferrari 512 TR 1993 V12 supercar with a top speed of 195mph
- Pink Rolls-Royce Ghost complete with Evans' famous FAB1 number plate from the Thunderbirds TV show
- Classic Jaguar XJS V12
- HSV Maloo, the world's fastest pick-up truck
- Limited edition 1964 Mustang
- British racing green Jaguar XK8
- 1964 Daimler V8 Vicarage Convertible reportedly costing £135,000
- Classic Ford Escort Mexico

So what are you waiting for? If you have the means to put your money, and your metal, where your mouth is - get involved on April 4th.

Caption: Chris Evans, seen here behind the wheel of his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, is excited about launching UK National Classic Car Day