February 6 2018

Five rare classics worthy of any collection

Classic Driver Market’s weekly list of classics to have in your garage provides continual food for thought, with some of the most iconic jewels from automotive history.

Here are five definitely worth priming your chequebook for…

1957 FV4 ‘Typhoon’

Although 36 of these stunning Facel Vega machines were built, only 15 are believed to remain, making this luxury model a rare gem. The Typhoon’s sleek design and tinted windows epitomise the glamour of 1960s Hollywood.

When new, this elegant classic car would set you back $10,000 – a similar price to some Rolls Royces. One is on sale with French dealership Franco Lembo, however, following a decade-long restoration, costing around €100,000, it’s unlikely that the meticulously-restored edition will come cheap. But for the right buyer it is definitely a classy edition to any collection.

Ferrari 250 GTO

According to reports, a 1963 250 GTO is the most expensive car ever sold, selling for $52 million in 2013.

The price tag has led to imitations, and while replicas are a contentious issue, one has got the attention of collectors. A remake by built by legendary rally engine builder Terry Hoyle is currently on the market. Costing the famous Ferrari specialist $600,000 to build, a replica that looks this good would not look out of place in a collector’s garage.

Porsche 356 Speedster

Currently on sale in Switzerland, this 1958 model comes in its original colour way – Aquamarine Blue. Left-hand drive and with cool tan interior, this marque could lead the way for the 2018 events season

1986 Land Rover Defender

The build of this stunning 4-wheel drive started in 2015, developed with four key factors in mind; aesthetics, power, handling and comfort. With its 430HP LS3 Corvette engine, six-speed manual gearbox, a motorsport-inspired braking system and adjustable air suspension, it’s a leader in its class.

Mercedes-Benz E36 AMG Cabriolet

Costing £90,000 brand new in 1995, the Imperial Red model on sale with Swindon-based dealership, The Hairpin Company, came equipped with an impressive catalogue of extras. With a rare factory hardtop, sports cassis and even an orthopaedic driver’s seat, this is no standard Mercedes.

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