15 December, 2015

Footman James Employees And Friends Collect Donations For Local Animal Rescue Centre


In the spirit of Christmas, staff and friends at Footman James, a specialist classic car insurer collected donations for Rose Dene dog rescue centre.

Rosedene Rescue is a non-profit organisation that solely relies on donations to keep the centre running. The centre is managed by volunteers who help to look after the dogs until they find a new home.

Two members of staff were delighted to make the trip to Rose Dene to surprise the dogs and volunteers with all the donations collected.

Plans to stay a short while were quickly changed as staff couldn’t resist helping out around the centre, walking the dogs and even speaking to potential owners about some of their favourite dogs they had met available for re-homing.

Footman James employee Jas expresses “I was happy to be able to help out around the centre, especially at this time of year when it is the busiest for all rescue centres”.

She was equally happy and proud of the Footman James staff for coming together to support such a good cause.

Why not support Rose Dene this Christmas with donations or even provide a new home for one of their dogs.