14th April 2020

From a Corgi to a Mondial

We've recently been featuring the stories of how Footman James clients first got into classic vehicle ownership. The next story we'd like to share is from Steve Sandalls, and charts how he made his childhood dream a reality!

Here's Steve to tell the story of how he came to own a 1992 Ferrari Mondial T Coupe.

I had dreamed of owning a classic Ferrari ever since I was five years old, watching Magnum PI on Saturday night TV.

My Dad bought me a Corgi Ferrari 308 GTS, and from that moment, the obsession started. Over the years I have bought MANY Ferrari Models (over 800 in fact). Once I could drive, I only bought Italian, including a Fiat X1-9, an Alfa 33 Cloverleaf and many more.

Once I hit 40 years old, and having a little money saved, the loss of my stepfather at the young age of 59 made me think, right, live for now! So, I trawled the ads to see what kind of Ferrari I could afford.

At this point, the 308’s had sky rocketed and were out of reach, but a few models were achievable. I looked at a few models, trying not to let the red mist take over, then happened across a 1992, two owner, low mileage and immaculate example - Rosso Corsa with Tan hide - perfection. And the rest is history...the best thing I have ever bought and it makes me smile every day!