17th August 2021

Goodwood Revival to pay tribute to key workers

Goodwood Revival is to honour and pay tribute to more than 250 nurses, care professionals, medical and non-medical volunteers as well as local key workers in September.

Goodwood will host a spectacular Victory Parade on the Sunday of the Revival event, echoing the celebrations that took place in 1946 marking the end of World War Two.

More than 70 years ago in Central London, the Victory Parade featured more than 500 vehicles from the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force, British civilian services and the British Army, as well as representatives of all the armed forces, civilian services and the armed forces of the Commonwealth Dominions.

Marching from the Super Shell building all the way down to Pit Straight, The Revival Victory Parade’s Marching Column will be made up of approximately 250 local key workers and service people. From nurses and vaccination volunteers to all of the armed forces, including cadets. The parade will be led by a military band.

Following behind, comprising over 150 vehicles will include motorbikes, tanks, Scammel lorries, half-tracks, amphibious vehicles, London buses, ambulances, fire engines, police cars and staff cars; all of which will be on display on the Lavant Infield across the weekend.

As they make their way down the Pit Straight, both the marching and mechanised columns will come to a halt and the Duke of Richmond will deliver a speech in honour of the key workers, thanking them for their dedication and tireless efforts over the past 18 months. A short film acknowledging the contribution of military and public services during the Second World War will also be shown.

Goodwood Revival takes place from Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September. Friday and Sunday tickets are still available at www.goodwood.com