30th March 2017

Harry's Garage Twitter Q&A


Harry's Garage - Twitter Q&A

Harry Metcalfe, perhaps best known for founding evo magazine in 1998, shares his passion for all things automotive on his YouTube channel, Harry’s Garage.

With a huge following of 136,283 subscribers and having amassed an incredible 9,360,651 views (even being presented with an award from YouTube themselves), it is clear that Harry’s videos and reviews resonate with his captive audience.

You can follow Harry on Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with his work.


Using the hashtag #askHarry, Harry answered fans tweets live from the Classic Car Show.

Q: You are a lucky man to have so many cars. But if you had to choose one to have as your only car, which would you pick?
A: I get asked this a lot and the answer is always the same. McLaren F1 love the story behind it, the way it drives (and sounds) is mega.

Q: How does one choose between an adventure bike “Africa Twin” and an Enduro KTM XC etc?
A: Depends what you want to use it for. The more off road involved, then the lighter the bike the better. KTM XC is a serious bit of kit.

Q: What’s the view on the effect of stock original versus modified on classic values, Harry?
A: Stock original will always be the collector’s favourite. I like cars in original form, if you want to go quicker, buy a faster car in 1st place.

Q:  Do you think Overfinch RRCs are worth the prices over a standard car?
A: Yes, Overfinch did incredible things with RRC. They also used Avon road tyres off Bentley turbo, made a big difference.

Q: Merc R129, good value for money or overpriced?
A: Still great value, particularly early 500SL versions, which had the most bhp. Late 320SL with glass roof worth a look but SL600 is the daddy.

Q: Your Clio is a modest, fun motor amongst your more expensive metal. What else do you rate ‘cheap thrills’ car wise?
A: Honda Type-R worth a look, especiallyDC1, which is a jewel of a car. Any Renault Spot Clio is great value, or how about a 5-pot Fiat Coupe?

Q: What are your thoughts on an E82 1M Coupe? Go for it now or wait some more? Thanks.
A: Will always be sought after. Finding a cracker, the hard bit, as many have big miles on them. There’s a LHD 3.0 litre version too…

Q: If I were to buy a used MB SL, what engine? SL55 sc, SL63 6.2na or SL65 V12t?
A: All monsters. SL55 was amazing when it launched. SL65 had almost too much power. SL63 6.2 rates very highly too. My pick? SL55

Q: What do you think of the Ferrari 355, you think the strong values of today will hold?
A: Starting to feel it’s age. It sits between all manual and start of F1 paddle shift Ferrari V8s. Won’t keep rising is my view.

Q: Why have you never owned an F40?
A: Because they have niggles that annoy. Glorious looks and explosive engine aside, they have wooden brakes and gappy gear ratios. Delicate too.

Q:  Hello Harry, in your opinion what is the ultimate GT car for that trip across Europe?
A: Maybe not the ultimate but I’d really like to find a glass roofed Ferrari 612 Scagiletti HGTC. Just don’t tell anyone until I’ve found one.

Q: What are your feelings on the ‘old new cars’ that are being produced (such as the Alvis)?
A: Like the idea, Eagle E-Types are another example. But they always seem very expensive to me and getting your money back can be tricky.

Q: Ferrari 599 GTB Coupe, do you enjoy driving them? Thoughts on values? Agree they’re bulletproof?
A: Great buy at the moment. Rampant engine, hopeless mpg but seem to be tough and can take miles. (Ceramic) brake replacement: £££££.

Q: Hi Harry, any chance of a video on the icon that is the Porsche 959?
A: I had a 959 Sport in my store for a while, gutted I never drove it. They are amazing cars but fickle, service costs are scary too.

Q: Harry, do you prefer to keep cars original and unrestored or do you favour perfect examples?
A: I like cars with stories best, the size of the history file is really important to me. Over-restored and no-story cars don’t appeal.

Q: Nearly bought a 993 years ago when they were affordable. Still have the itch though – what would you do?
A: Buy the best air-cooled 911 you can find, 964 if possible, or an earlier SC. Or hunt down a LHD in Europe.

Q: R8 4.2 r tronic or manual as a driver’s car? Does the V10 add to the experience?
A: Like with Ferrari F430 today, manual R8 4.e will become increasingly desirable in future. V10 mega but check out the Gallardo too.

Q: Being the unloved 911 is the 996 C4S starting to change opinion of water cooled 911’s and buck the trend?
A: Has a way to go yet, wide body helps. 996 turbo worth the premium in my book, as is gen 1 GT3.

Q: Ever owned a E39 BMW?
A: We had an Alpina E39 at evo for a while. Converted it to LPG. Not recommended, amazing car but always felt heavy to me.