27 July 2021

Help preserve the NHS’s Talbot Ambulance

Talbot Owner’s Club is fundraising to repair and restore a 86-year-old Talbot Ambulance so it can be used to support, promote and celebrate the proud history of the London Ambulance Service.  

Vehicle registration BXH809 is part of the London Ambulance’s Historic Vehicle Collection and was delivered direct from the Clement Talbot factory (Barlby Road, Kensington) in 1935.

The ambulance was based in Lambeth and amazingly served throughout the whole of World War 2, including the Blitz, and still has most of her WW2 equipment to this day. Recently BXH809 has starred in various films and TV programs including Goodnight Mr Tom, The Battle of Britain, Danger UXB, Island at War and Poirot. 

The 86-year-old war veteran, unfortunately, suffered a pre-selector gearbox failure and requires some general service and repairs from a specialist. 

Run by a small number of volunteers and a small budget from the NHS Trust, the London Ambulance Service Historic Collection has enlisted the help of The Talbot Owners Club to provide expertise, support and to coordinate the fundraising on their behalf at no cost.  

LASHC and the Talbot Owners Club hope that this fundraising project will cover the cost of the work and the parts the Talbot Ambulance requires. If a surplus is achieved this will go towards ongoing maintenance of the Talbot and the rest of the historic collection.  

To find out more about the war-veteran Talbot and the fundraiser please visit the fundraising page.