14 December, 2017

hgv rescued by 45 year old land rover


 Production of Land Rover’s Series III lasted 14 years, between 1971 and 1985. It came with four engine options – two 2.25-litre inline-four diesel engines, a 3.5-litre V8 and an inline-six petrol motor.

Despite having a maximum towing capacity of 3,500kg, in September this year the iconic British brand released a video showing a Discovery pulling a 110-tonne road train across the Australian outback.

This time around, and in what was a true David and Goliath moment, a classic 1972 Land Rover came to the rescue of a mammoth HGV, pulling it through treacherous road conditions to safety.


(Image taken from footage on LandRoverUKPR Twitter page)

In a video posted to Twitter by @LandRoverUKPR, passers-by look on as the classic Series III saves the day, driven by owner Daniel Morgan.

The quintessential British off-roader is seen making its way up a snow-covered street, pulling a DAF truck that appears jack-knifed as it tries to make its way out of a side road.

But despite the weight of the HGV, the 45-year-old vintage motor makes light work of pulling it through its turn and towing it up the icy road.

Land Rover UK tweeted “Daniel Morgan and his 1972 Series III saving an artic lorry in distress. Incredible capability! Send us your Land Rover snow stories #aboveandbeyond”.

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