July, 2022

How to use the Footman James Document Portal

The Footman James Document Portal allows you to access your policy documents and upload your documentation online at your convenience.

This walkthrough details exactly how to register for the portal and how to access your documents.

Alternatively, click here to view our Portal FAQs.

Your Policy Documents

Portal email

If you have indicated to us that you would like to access your documents via our portal, you will receive an email as shown above when you have new documents waiting to be read (for example at policy inception or when your policy is due for renewal). Simply click the 'Access your documents' button to visit the portal.

You can also access the document portal via our website (in the main menu, on the homepage and on each insurance policy page) or you can click this link.


Portal homepage

Registering for the Portal

Above is the Document Portal Home Page. If you have not used the portal before, you will need to register. 

To do this click ‘Not Registered? Please click here to register'.

You will be taken to the page shown below.

Portal Registration

To complete registration you will need to:

• Enter your email address (this must be the one you provided to Footman James)
• Create a password – this must contain at least one capital letter and at least one number
• Enter your postcode (this must be the one you provided to Footman James)
• Click Register

You will receive another email, a copy is shown below – this can take a few minutes to arrive. If this does not arrive in your inbox, please check junk. You must click the link to activate your account

portal activate

Once you have clicked the link you will be taken back to the original document portal home page.

Logging in to the Portal and Accessing Your Documents

Enter your email address and password and click log in. If you cannot recall your password, simply click 'Forgotten Password?' to reset it.

You will now be in your document portal account. 

Portal Log In Landing Page

To access your policy documents:

  • click on the name of your insurance policy in the top list.
  • click on the policy documents tab in the bottom section

Please note: all your policy documents will allocated to your main insurance policy including documents for your FJ+ addons. If you select a policy addon (e.g. breakdown or agreed value) please don't be alarmed that the policy documents tab does not appear. This is because all your documents are housed within the main policy.

Portal Policy Documents


To view or download your policy documents, simply click on the name of the documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot remember my log in details for the portal, how can I access my documents?

If you cannot recall your password, simply click 'Forgotten Password?' to reset it. If you have forgotten the email address you used to to register for the portal, or need to change this, please call us on 0333 207 6120.


The 'Policy Documents' tab doesn't appear when I select my policy

Please ensure that you have selected the name of your main policy to view all your documents including those for policy addons.

If you have selected a policy addon from the first list (e.g. Breakdown or Agreed Value) then the 'Policy Documents' tab will not appear. This is because all your documents are uploaded to one place - your main policy.


The documents in the portal are not from my current policy and are from an old policy

You may find that your old policy documents are still housed in the portal. These will be listed first with your current policy documents then listed underneath