15th August 2018

Meet the Team – Introducing Callam, putting a face to a voice for Footman James clients

As the third generation of his family to work for Footman James, at 22, Callam is one of the younger members of the team. As part of our ‘Meet the team’ series, we caught up with our friendly Sales Specialist on the New Business team and found out about why he sees Footman James as part of the family.


FJ: What do you do at Footman James?

C: I’ve been at Footman James for more than two years now. I’m part of the new business team, which means I’m one of the voices on the end of the phone for new customers looking to get an insurance quote. As possibly the first point of contact when somebody interacts with us as a company, it’s crucial to make sure that the experience is easy, friendly and knowledgeable from the outset – I try and make sure that every call is a good one.

FJ: Many talk about Footman James being like a family, but for you, it’s partly true?

C: I’m the third generation of my family to work for Footman James. My mother began working for the company almost 20 years ago and enjoyed working with the team so much that when the company needed an administrator and accounts executive, she suggested my granny joined as well. So, I guess you can say I grew up in the company. I heard about it so much that I always knew I wanted to work here. After a year working as an estate agent, I got the chance to join Footman James, and I’ve not looked back.

FJ: As someone that spends all day talking about cars, is it a passion of yours?

C: It’s fair to say I’ve always loved cars. I grew up around a family of petrolheads, with a grandfather that restored his own Ford Cortina and a mum that always rode motorbikes. Octane must be in my blood. For myself, I’m into classic cars, and the quirkier the better as far as I’m concerned. It’s always brilliant when a client calls up for a quote on a car that I’ve not seen before, as I get to learn so much about some really unusual types of car just by talking to the owners.

FJ: Is it important to you to continue to learn about classic cars as you go?

C: Knowledge is power! Being a car enthusiast makes learning about the intricacies of my job so much easier. Having an immediately shared interest with a customer makes the job enjoyable, as we automatically have a shared passion. I think that’s one of the reasons that classic cars are so popular as they can unite all ages and types of people in a common interest – and you never know who you are going to meet at car events.

Coffee & Chrome

FJ: Do you attend a lot of classic vehicle events with Footman James?

C: I don’t know that I can call that side of it work. At Footman James we attend lots of events. I really enjoy going to Chateau Impney: I’ve been twice now: once for the Hill Climb and then again for the Footman James Coffee & Chrome event which was brilliant. Amazing cars turned up to both days and I look forward to going back for the next one.

FJ: Do you have any stories that stick out for you about your time with Footman James?

C: One story that will always stick in my mind involves my twin loves of classic cars and dogs. I was in the process of quoting for a customer on his modern car policy and, in order to get him the lowest price possible, I asked him about his membership of car clubs as this can really help to lower a premium. He was a member of the Morris Minor Owners Club, so I was able to get a great price for him, and we had a good chat. A month later, I was at the national Morris Minor Owners Club day with Footman James, when I stopped to fuss over a gorgeous black Labrador. While I was talking to the dog, which looked just like my black lab, the owner recognised my voice from our conversation the month before! We ended up having a great chat over a cup of tea while admiring both their lovely dog, and their Morris Minor, known as ‘Bluebell’. Whenever the owner needs to speak to Footman James, he asks for me, and we catch up. It’s great to know that above and beyond giving great value classic insurance, this job can also really make people smile.

FJ: What is the next event you will be attending?

C: I’ll be at a few Coffee & Chrome meets in the next year or so, so come and say ‘hi’. Ideally, bring your dog!

Thanks Callam.