16th September 2020

Mini MOKE Makes A Comeback in 2020

Announced this morning, the iconic small car of the swinging sixties, the MOKE is to be remanufactured, 56 years after it first launched.

Originally designed for military use by Sir Alec Issigonis, the inventor of the original Mini, the MOKE used an engine and running gear from the Mini, but with a totally open body. Built to be able to be stacked vertically, and even dropped from military planes, the simplicity of the MOKE also lent itself to civilian use as a wonderful summer car and ‘beach buggy’. As the swinging sixties took off, this small open four-seater rapidly became fashionable for of transport around the world, from the Caribbean to St Tropez, few chic seaside resorts were found without a MOKE in them.

The new MOKE remains true to the look and feel of the original, a particular focus was put on maintaining the freedom and simplicity of the original, although now with fractionally enlarged dimensions to better accommodate taller passengers. Updates for the new MOKE include a new four-cylinder, fuel injection engine, uprated suspension, brakes, power steering and even a heated windscreen. An automatic gearbox is also optional.

The company website promises a high degree of personalisation available for the car, and even includes a fun visualisation tool to allow you to pick your perfect colour combination. The standard equipment of waterproof seating and the option of a full set of canvas covers for wet weather is also sure to prove popular with buyers in the UK.

With just 56 examples of the first production run available to buy, a waiting list for orders is apparently expected, although with a list price of £20,000 excluding VAT, some buyers may also be tempted by a classic example of a MOKE, which can be purchased for less.

Whichever MOKE you own, old or new, Footman James can provide cover with our Flex policy, which allows owners to insure their classics and moderns under one single policy.