7th June 2022

How old does a motorbike have to be to get classic insurance?

Those who enjoy the thrill of travelling on two wheels will agree that there is nothing quite like owning a motorbike. While there are many modern makes and models available to choose from, a classic bike is a great option if you’re hoping to catch the eye of your fellow enthusiasts.

You may well be wondering if your current motorbike, or a bike that you are tempted to acquire, qualifies as a classic so that when it comes to arranging your insurance you can make an informed decision on the best option for you.

Insurers tend to offer a lower premium for owners of classic motorbikes for a few reasons: As the owner of a classic, it’s more likely you’ll spend time maintaining your motorbike and keeping it in good working order. Classic bikes also tend to be used less frequently than their modern counterparts. These reasons mean it’s less likely you’ll make a claim on your insurance, so you’re seen as less of a risk.

Classic bike insurance with Footman James covers motorbikes from 20 years old, but this can vary depending on the make and model of the bike. Our policies include cover for helmet and leathers up to £750 as standard and we offer a range of FJ+ options such as Agreed Value, Ride to Work and FJ Rescue that allow you to tailor your policy to your needs. We also have links with many enthusiast clubs and as part of our commitment to them, can offer special rates. Members of these enthusiast clubs may also find that we can cover their bikes on a classic policy from 15 or even 10 years old.

Owning a classic motorbike can bring about a welcome change of pace and a new-found appreciation, or rekindled love for the more vintage makes and models. Find out more about Classic Bike Insurance from Footman James, as well as our range of FJ+ options.

For a list of clubs that we work with you can visit our clubs page.

If you have a collection of classic and modern vehicles, you can combine them on one insurance policy with Flex, meaning you will have one set of documents, one renewal date and one premium each year. Find out more about Flex.