Race Is On For Piece of Racing History

16 June, 2014

If you're a classic race car enthusiast with a penchant for Sir Jackie Stewart and a thirst for restoration... have we got a treat for you?

Skipping past the minor inconvenience of requiring a spare £35,000 - £50,000 in your back pocket, it will certainly excite you to hear that Sir Jackie's first ever race car is set to go up for grabs later this month.

Aficionados will not need reminding that the nippy model in question is a 1960 Marcos GT Xylon - an exquisitely rare addition to anyone's collection.

This is the very first time the car has been entered in for general bidding, and the pleasure lands in the lap of Silverstone Auctions, which is playing its part in selling the elusive prize at the Silverstone Classic on the 26th and 27th July.

Due to the rarity of the vehicle - not to mention its place in the back story of one of racing's all-time legends - the estimated price may well rise, so all eyes will be on Northamptonshire.

Since its foundation in 1959, Marcos built just nine Xylons - and certainly only one this famous.

In 1960, when Scottish racing enthusiast Barry Filer was having his race cars prepared in the Stewart family garage, he asked a young Jackie to come out and test it with him at Oulton Park.

After this test Filer snapped up 'G128' for the 1961 season which Jackie then drove for him and - as a sure sign of things to come - promptly went on to win four illustrious races.

Sir Jackie moved on in 1962, turning professional and racing Jaguars, while the car's career continued successfully through the decade under Marcos co-founder Jem Marsh.

Fast-forward 50 years and the person selling the classic piece in 2014 came into possession after his purchase of the remains of the Marcos business in the 1990s.

This famous Xylon has been tucked away in storage since production ceased at the marque's Wiltshire factory.

It is being offered in 'barn find' condition, needing a total restoration and fresh preparation for any potential racing - a challenge for classic car enthusiasts if ever there was one.

Commenting on the sale, managing director of Silverstone Auctions, Nick Whale, said: "It's fantastic to be offering this car for auction for the first time in its life."

“Jackie Stewart is one of the country's most legendary racing drivers and therefore it's apt that we are offering it at the home of British motorsport."

Nick added: "This is a truly great piece of motor racing history which I can't wait to see restored and racing again soon."