12th August 2021

Restoring the Snetterton Survivor: The E-type with a unique history

E-Type UK, a leading restorer of the E-Type classic, are preparing to restore a stunning Jaguar Series 1 4.2 E-type that has a unique history, with the intention to give the classic icon a comprehensive and sympathetic refurbishment to revive the car to it’s former glory.

Having rolled off the production line over 57 years ago in December 1964, the car’s life was cut short just three months later during an incident at Snetterton Race Circuit in Norfolk.

Owned and driven by infamous millionaire, Tom Casson, the Series 1 4.2 crashed at high speed into a tyre wall on-track. Luckily, the damage caused by the collision was largely cosmetic and most mechanical components were preserved.

The Series 1 4.2 remained in it’s damaged condition through Casson’s ownership, with only 2,805 miles on the odometer, before the car was sold in 1966.

Under the care of the new owner the Series 1 4.2 didn’t turn a wheel for 40 years, but it was given a much-needed new door, floor pan, rear win, sill and bonnet, replacing the damaged panels from it’s crash at Snetterton.

Now in the hands of E-Type UK, the Series 1 4.2 can be revived to a condition worthy of one of the most iconic sports cars in the world. Each part of the car, down to the nuts, bolts and washers, has been stripped down, catalogued and inspected for authenticity, with preservation remaining the priority throughout the process. Watch a time lapse video of this process below:

Boasting original features throughout, the Series 1 4.2’s fuel tank, brake reservoir pipes, bonnet locking latches and period-dated ignition coil remain intact and ready to be restored as part of the project. The rear suspension system will also be restored and rebuilt to maintain the classic on-road handling, and the original seats and dashboard are in a condition where they can be restored using expert leather repair techniques.

Individual body panels will also be hand-painted, ensuring a perfect exterior finish, while under the bonnet the Series 1 4.2 will be given a mechanical overhaul to ensure reliable and modern on-road performance.

The 4.2 litre engine will be dismantled and rebuilt to it’s standard specification, preserving the legendary E-Type driving experience. The original 4-speed synchromesh gearbox will also be rebuilt to preserve the authenticity of the car.

An upgraded electronic ignition is also to be fitted to enrich reliability, as well as a high-torque starter motor, uprated alternator and a fully enhanced cooling system with an aluminium radiator and cooling fans.

There will be some more modern upgrades added to the Series 1, including H4 headlights to improve visibility when driving at night and a Bluetooth-enabled radio to allow the driver and passenger to connect their smartphones to the system if desired.

What do you think about the planned restoration of the Snetterton Survivor? Will you be keeping up to date with E-Type UK’s progress?