December 21 2017

Super Fast Hover Car Created From Ashes Of A Tipo 8

21 December, 2017

 hover car

A classic 1920s luxury car has been transformed into 342mph hover car by Italian designer, Pierpaolo Lazzarini.

The design firm crafted the unique concept car which has been modelled on the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8, a Rolls Royce rival from yesteryear.

 Vintage meets the future

Resembling something between Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Jetsons' flying car, the vintage coupe has been transformed by innovative creatives at Lazzarini Design Studio.

 A representative from the company said: "Inspired by the Isotta Fraschini, a full blood Italian legend, here at Lazzarini Design we played with our imagination to relaunch the brand in a futuristic way. And no wheels needed.”

 Instead, they’ve been replaced with four jet turbines, which control the vehicle in a drone-like fashion.

 "The Hover Coupè maintains the soft lines, yet is powered by four turbine engine, similar to the ones in use in commercial planes, but smaller in diameter at 50 cm,” the rep added.

 Impressive speeds

The Tipo 8 was distributed between 1919 and 1924 and is the world’s first mass-produced car to be equipped with a straight-eight engine.

 However, despite originally producing 80 bhp, increasing to 90 bhp in later models, according to the designers, the futuristic classic can pass speeds of more than 342mph (550kph).

The representative continued: "Four jet engines are mounted on an extremely light carbon body structure. The vehicle measures 4500mm in length, can hover vertically, moving forward thanks to a system of specially fitted flaps.

 "Similar to a drone in the manoeuvrability, the Hover Coupè could reach, hypothetically, an estimated top speed of 550km/h and it turns left and right by the release of the available air inside the turbines."