13th April 2021

#FJShowUsYourShed - The Four Wheeled Wonder Shed

With the entries pouring in from around the UK for the #FJShowUsYourShed competition, this week we are delving into an entry that ticks all the boxes when it comes to ultimate shedding. It has secure storage and a workshop for two classic motorbikes; it’s a place of contemplation and a refuge from the outside world; it’s fully equipped for the ever-necessary cup of tea. Oh, and its also a road legal van.

Built on a driveway during lockdown by designer, hot-rodder and all-round classic motoring enthusiast, Craig Callum, this ‘shed’ is as individual as it is creative. Starting life as a long wheelbase Mercedes Benz Sprinter panel van, Craig had time on his hands and a need for a project to focus his attention on. It didn’t stay standard for long.

Using his considerable talents, coming from years as a chief designer at LEGO, the volume of the van remains the same but has become a true ‘Tardis’ of features. Somehow it now incorporates a bed, a kitchen, a fully plumbed shower cubicle, a toilet, central heating and enough battery power (aided by solar panels) to remain fully functional for up to two weeks off grid. At the back of the van sits a double bay holding two classic Honda CB200 motorbikes, as well as all the tools and equipment that Craig needs to maintain his unique steeds.

A familiar face on the UK hot-rodding scene, Craig is no stranger to the customisation of his vehicles. The van, which he named SNAFU in recognition of the time in which it was built, now features red and white stripes as a nod to his distinctive Model A Ford racer. This unique vehicle, built up for sand racing, is known as “Old Red” and while great fun is not ideal for long journeys. Handily, the van is also capable of towing Old Red to and from meets - so Craig can arrive fresh for competitions.

View Craig giving a tour of his van below.

As lockdown ends and restrictions lift, Craig plans to use the van to travel Europe with the bikes and explore pastures new after a year spent largely at home. With any luck, he may be able to attend a Coffee and Chrome event with Old Red, which would mean that the van will likely be in attendance as well. We wish him luck with his competition entry.

There is still time to enter the competition and show us your shed, at footmanjames.co.uk/show-us-your-shed-2021

The #FJShowUsYourShed social media competition is for people to share the hobby spaces that give them the greatest joy, be they big or small, grand or grungy, cute or chaotic. Open to everyone, its easy to sign up HERE to share pictures of your space and be in with a chance of winning the ‘Shed Head’ trophy – to be awarded by Harry Metcalfe.